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Where are my Songs?

2008-07-22 07:20:07 by Xane-Records

Hi all!

I uploaded 2 Songs a few days ago. i think it was five days. And they're still not on my site.

So i asked myself "WHATTHAHELLISGOINGON?!?"

I wish that the mods could work a little faster, because i want to upload some more songs.

But it isn't going! i only could upload 2 Songs at a time. And i can only put new songs in when the old ones are acceptable by the mods.

Please, dear Mods, could you check those Songs faster? They're called "Spin Fusion" and "Happy Hour"

Greetings, Xane


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2008-07-23 19:13:52

Boah jetzt heul mal nich rum hier, sind ja jetzt durch. Viel SpaƟ noch im Portal!

Xane-Records responds:

Ich hatte den Beitrag vor dem Foreneintrag geschrieben ^^ Im Grunde hats mich ja net so genervt, aber ich konnt halt erst wieder Songs hochladen nachdem die 2 durch waren. Danke dass es trotzdem so schnell geklappt hat.